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Proceeding of the International Conference on Psychology of Resilience 2011 covers 37 current research articles from selected Presenters of the International Conference on Psychology of Resilience 2011, held in Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia, 22nd September 2011. The authors/contributors are from Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Iran, Philippine, and Bostwana. Their background are students, lecturers/teachers, practitioners, and NGO.
This book will enhance your understanding about Psychology of Resilience in various topics.

Published by: LPSP3 UI (2011)
250 pages (A4)

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Resilience and Culture

1.  The Resilience of Young People Stories and Research from Three Countries    1

Peter Newcombe, Piyanjali de Zoysa, Patrick Vakaoti, Louise Earnshaw

2.  The Difference of Resilience between Indonesian and Poland Students       18

Yonathan Natanael, Tomasz Dziedzic, Sri Tiatri, Piotr Sorokowski, Sandi Kartasasmita

3.  Religiosity and Resilience among “underclass” Internal Migrant Young Men in Jakarta: A Study of Two Different Ethnic Groups  24

Bonar Hutapea

4. We Are Living Harmony With The Flood       31

Jony Eko Yulianto, Ilham Nuralfian

5. The Difference of Resilience Between Main Characters of Indonesian Sinetron and Korean Drama Based on Audience’s Perception     38

Sufren, Sri Tiatri, & Fransisca Iriani Roesmala Dewi

6. Factors Related to the level of Personal Resilience on Batak Mandailing Adolescents       47

Ihsana Sabriani Borualogo

7. A Sense of Grateful and Resilience, Analyzing the Effect of Gratitude to Resilience to the Victims of Merapi Eruption in Yogyakarta in 2010      56

Rizkia Nurinayanti, Alifah Sri Sabekti


Resilience and Organization

8.  Resiliency and Attributional Styles as Predictors of  Mental Health in Factory Workers     62

Ebrahim Alizade Moosavi

9.  Resilience on Helper for special need students at Elementary School X Bandung     66

Fifie Nurofia, Debbie Rachmiati


Resilience and Education

10. Resiliency Among Senior High school Students Who Failed in The National Examination     77

Wahyu Khodijah, Fellianti Muzdalifah

11. Exploring My-Self Camp, Peer-Group Camp, Self-Help Camp, and Live-In as a Method of Learning The Character of Toughness      81

Listyo Yuwanto, Agnes Felicia Budiman, Karolina Arif

12. Paternal Parenting Styles and Adolescent’s Self-Efficacy: The Moderating Role of Education    87

Somayeh Keshavarz, Rozumah Baharudin

13. Self-Regulation Training As An Effort To Enhance Students’ Competitiveness    92

Dian Ratna Sawitri, Jati Ariati

14. Resilience, Self Regulated-Learning, Academic Achievement at Junior High School Students    98

Nofrans Eka Saputra

15. Proactive Counseling (Psycho-Educative Strategy) to Help Teenager

Endang Pudjiastuti

16. How is Student’s Perception of Their Problem Solving Skills Affected Their Resiliency     104

Nurul Hidayati, Nadhirotul Laily, & Asri Rejeki

17. Inclusive Education Focused on Resiliency    108

M. Salis Yuniardi

18. Program  Evaluation: Implementation of Moving Class System on The Establishment of Student's Characters

Intan Irawati, Susiana Manisih


Resilience and Community

19. Adolescent resilience in SOS Children's Villages Indonesia  114

Dharta Wijaya, Natalina Sangapta

20. From Victims to Survivors: Emotional Transformation For Social Transformation  121

Cinintya Dewi

21. Health Conditions, Health Seeking Behavior, and Experiences of Selected Parolees  128

Olivia Therezah J Pajente–Pelagio


Resilience and Family

22. Exploration Towards Protective Factors of Resilience in Special Families    138

Wiwin Hendriani

23. Exploring Perceived Parenting Behaviors’ Relationships with Daughters versus Son: Links to Internalizing Problems   142

Mahboubeh Jafari, Rozumah Baharudin, Nor Sheereen Zulkefly, Tan Jo-Pei, Firdaus Mukhtar

24. Family Resiliency in Family Who Have Child With Cancer

Jaja Netra Puspita, Sri Redatin Retno Pudjiati, Eko Handayani

25. The Relationship between Resilience and Mindset in College Students with Poor-Family Background

Olga Diella Roulina Sihombing, Sri Retno Redatin Pudjiati, Luh Surini Yulia Savitri

26. The Relationship Between Resiliency and Marital Stability

Rena Latifa, Samsunuwijati Mar’at

27. Problem Solving Appraisal: The Contribution of Family Protective Factors

Melok R. Kinanthi


Resilience and Disaster

28. Resiliency of Acehnese Children After the 2004 Tsunami

Yohana Ratrin Hestyanti, Irwanto, Jan Janssens, Angelique Hendriks

29. What Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger: The Process of Reslience of KBR68H Journalists Following The 15 March 2011 Book Bomb

Gita Widya Laksmini Soerjoatmodjo


Resilience and Gender

30. The Resiliency Among Young Adulthood Veiled Moslem Women

Mira Rizki Wijayani, Surastuti Nurdadi

31. A Woman's Resilience on Gender Debate With Her Mentor

Veronika Suprapti


Model of Resilience

32. Resilience: Biopsychology Perspective

Herdiyan Maulana

33. Relationship between Mindfulness, Ego Strength, and Resilience


34.Nature Wellness Model: A Pathway to Resilience

Elizabeth M. Busang

35. The Resilience of Parents with Special Need Children

Rosana Dewi Yunita


Intervention on Resilience

36.The Effectiveness Training of Resilience Improvement

Yunita Sari, Oki Mardiawan, Hendro Prakoso

37. Group Counseling to Increase Children's Resilience at Penitentiary

Dhian Ayu Mardhatillah, Iskandar Muda, Yulianto

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